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*All classes, unless indicated, are all-levels: suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.*

vinyasa: A powerful, dynamic flow that will make you sweat, breathe, and feel your body. Explore your physical space through asana, expand your edge, and allow yourself to become completely absorbed in this moving meditation.

vinyasa II*: Our Vinyasa II class will leave you feeling strong yet light, open yet grounded, and empowered to lean into possibility. With a focus on flowing powerfully, expect to explore a deep connection to breath while fostering opportunities to up-level your practice. Learn how you can change your practice to constantly continue growing and grounding, inside and out. *Previous regular yoga practice encouraged.*

slow flow: A mindful flow of postures creatively curated to open up the body while defining space and ground. Slow it down with this gentle practice, feel your breath, and fully immerse into the energy in and around you.

yin: A special combination of intentional movement + compassionate surrender to help create balance of body, mind, and soul. Find deep release and relaxation in this balancing practice that focuses on longer held poses to lengthen through the deepest connective and fascial tissues surrounding the muscles of your body.

gentle flow + meditation: Find peace and relaxation in this half gentle flow + half meditation class. We'll hold space to create awareness of breath in order to calm the mind and release the body.

restorative: A gentle practice to create ease, awareness, and deep relaxation. Props are used to support the body through a guided meditation, opening pathways and releasing tension. Experience the healing powers of yoga.

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